Community / Kaupapa

Collective publishing, bookmaking & zines

Taraheke | BushLawyer Press: A collective publishing project of Anahera Gildea, Michaela Keeble, Nadine Anne Hura, Anne-Marie Te Whiu and Cassandra Barnett. Current books include Sedition by Anahera Maire Gildea and Surrender by Michaela Keeble (both 2021).
Michaela Keeble, Intertidal, published by Anemone Press (a collective publishing project of Cass and Michaela), 2020.

‘Definitely maybe’ (for Taraheke)

‘New world jam’ (for Nizhooni)

Tanka collection (for Whakaruruhau)

‘The hood of sleep’ (for Izuba)

‘Lewanna goanna’ (for my sis on her wedding)

Collected waiata & karakia (for Izuba)

‘Hoses’ (for my dad)

‘Doongtsh’ (for my dad)

‘Rooted to the earth’ (for Zealandia)

Words by Kerehi, book by Cass & Zubi (2020). A revised (ahem, professional) version of this story, by Kerehi Grace and Michaela Keeble, is forthcoming as Paku Manu Āriki Whakatakapōkai, with illustrations by Tokerau Wilson (Wellington: Gecko Press, 2023).
4th Floor journal (Guest editor, Writing as Activism issue), 2019, and Dominion Post review.
‘Mobilise your maxims’ (A Ramp Magazine 3, Guest editor, 2005) and ‘Failures and Disasters’ (A Ramp Magazine 4, Guest editor, 2006)

Art & literature: talks, readings, podcasts, panels & other events

Awards & residencies

Auckland Regional Parks Artist in Residence 2022. Cassandra was at Craw Homestead, Anawhata, Waitākere for two months, October-December 2022.

Runner up, Pikihuia Māori Literature Awards 2019 (Emerging Fiction Writer in English).

Spoken out loud: videos & podcasts

Jakarta Biennial 2021 panel discussion: 'Talking across on unfamiliar ground' with Vera Mey, Grace Samboh and Pitra Hutomo. Thinking through complications of positioning in relation to displacement, diasporas and exiles.

Selected poetry events / readings

Intersections: A poetry reading of BIPOC solidarity for International Poetry Day, 2020.

Night of Untold Stories: 100% offline, invite-only community poetry event, sharing the stories that can’t be published (co-curated with Whakaruruhau at Pātaka, Porirua 2019).

Invasion Day: Poetry reading in honour of special guest Melissa Lucashenko (Pātaka, Porirua, 2019)

Graduates of the IIML (class of 2018) read at Te Papa (Wellington, 2018).

Selected art events / panels / talks

Convenor of In situ - writers’ responding to the exhibition The earth looks upon Us | Ko Papatūānuku te matua o te tangata (Adam Art Gallery, Wellington 2018).

Floor talk, Dark Matter: Ann Shelton (Auckland Art Gallery 2016).

From In Time I Will See Things a Little Differently by Fiona Jack (2010). Edited transcript of a conversation between Fiona Amundsen, Cassandra Barnett, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Fiona Jack, Louise Menzies, Layla Rudneva-Mackay and Robyn Pickens, about the photo Election day in New Plymouth, 1893 (Auckland: ARTSPACE, 20 April 2010).

Protect Te Wāotū #landback

Please support our struggle to protect our sacred Te Wāotū whenua, including our pā Pirauiti, from destruction by quarrying. Visit the website to find out more. Don’t buy your metal from JSwap.
Mahi toi (art for Pirauiti) nā Izuba