A slow, zigzag exploration. Early pieces written intuitively in response to artworks. 'Fictocritical' pieces, translating art experiences into a form or voice or point of view for a written text. Then the deeper dive into speculative fiction - with a futurist bent and a draft novel in the pocket. A slow but urgent learning journey into the politics of imagination. With much further to go.

‘Tunnelling’ (short story), Huia Short Stories 13 (Wellington: Huia, 2019). Runner up, Pikihuia Māori Fiction Awards 2019.

‘Pitter patter, Papatūānuku’ (fictocritical piece in the voices of Papatūānuku, Tangaroa and Tāne, responding to five video artworks by Alex Monteith), first published in Brief 54, 2016.

‘Riding pulses’ (commissioned piece on rhythm as a remedy), Rongoā Remedies (Enjoy Publications: Wellington, 2015). From the Remedies series of art books by Sasha Huber and Petri Saarikko.

‘Cheonggyecheon’ (fictocriticism in the voice of a river, responding to Fiona Amundsen’s Miracle on the Han River), Landfall 216, 2008.

‘Portal in a storm’ (commissioned story for group exhibition of same name, curated by Rebecca Ann Hobbs), rm 103, Auckland, 2007.